Special offer for the whole year:


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Doors in special offer include:

-SCHÜCO system by your choice (ARL, ASL and AFL)
-SCHÜCO 3 adjustable barrel hinges (white, stainless steel or black)
-3-point locking system
-Profilcylinder BKS S 88 86 keys, anti bump protection – DIN 18252, DIN 1303
-SCHÜCO doorknob (white or stainless steel)
-SCHÜCO rosette RMM Ø 30, stainless steel mat from the inside in colour of the doorknob
-Both side hidden sash
-Thermal bridge
-4-glazed glass (Ug 0,3 W/m²/K)
-House number in the panel flush with outer side of aluminium
-Protection for panel
-RAL colours (7016, 9016, 9006, 8017 gloss or mat)

Ud 0,75 W/m²K

RAL colors - Discount models

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