www.eutherm.com is a web site that belongs to company Eutherm d.o.o., producer of aluminium doors from Vinkovci, Croatia. 

1.1. Following an obligation to inform our site visitors, according to article 13. of European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with this text we are informing you about the way we treat your personal info that we can collect when you are visiting our site. Information that can be collected on web sites are:

-Personal information – data wich can be used to identify your identity:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your home address
  • Your PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Your bank account number
  • Your E-mail address
  • Your telephone number

-Information that is not considered personal:

  • Information about device that you use to connect to the Internet
  • Information about Internet browser that you are using
  • Information about the way that you are browsing our web site

1.2. Eutherm d.o.o. hereby commits not to collect, process and share any personal information of visitors to this web site, if they only browse the site without the intention of contacting www.eutherm.com.
According to visitors who contact Eutherm d.o.o. via the contact information displayed on this web site, rule 1.3 will apply, as follows:

1.3. Eutherm d.o.o. can collect, process and store personal information of its clients and potential clients, whom they voluntarily communicate through the contact channels published on this web site, for the purpose of administrative processing, further cooperation and promotional offers.
Eutherm d.o.o. guarantees that no collected personal information will be given to third parties for use.  

1.4. System backups are located on different servers across multiple countries around the world, with the aim of reducing the risk of data loss. In addition, some of these countries are located outside of the EEA (European Economic Area) and are therefore outside the area of direct GDPR regulation. These are leading multinational companies that provide data storage services (eg Google).
Notwithstanding these, these companies are guaranteed to operate according to the GDPR principles and guarantee compliance with the required criteria. We use their services because of the high level of reliability and technical requirements that the web site www.eutherm.com requires. Our relations with them are regulated through the Data Processing Agreement, which contains the EU privacy data protection clauses.

1.5. We are obligated to inform you about how your personal information may be subject to other regulations and can be required and processed by the competent services (the judiciary) in cases such as fraud prevention in business and similar cases. There are other laws under which the court may require data from the interests of the general public and society from a service provider.



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The types of cookies we use are:

2.1. Session cookies, ie browser cookies

“Session” cookies, i.e. Browsers cookies are cookies that serve to improve the quality of using this web site. These cookies do not store your personal information, and they are stored in your computer until the end of your session (these cookies are automatically deleted when you leave our web site).

   2.2. Statistic cookies

We use the “StatCounter” statistical service to gain insight into the number of visitors to our site, and the way they use it, for example from where they came to our site, how much time they spend on it, or which subpages are more interesting for them, all with the goal of better understanding the needs of the site visitors, and adjusting site contents according to that.

“StatCounter” uses cookies and other ways to collect information about visitors and their visits on our site. These data include:

  • Time and date of the visit
  • IP address (the address of the communication channel through which you are currently connected to the Internet)
  • Information about the type of Internet browser you are using and the operating system of your computer
  • Technical information about the device you are using and screen resolution
  • Information about the page from which you are refferred to visit our web site (e.g., Google search)

“StatCounter” DO NOT COLLECT your personal information, listed under item 1.1. of this article , as highlighted on their site: https://statcounter.com/support/knowledge-base/314/ .

If you do not want your visits to this page to be statistically processed, you can block the “StatCounter” service by clicking on the “Refuse StatCounter Analytics Cookies” button at the center of this page: http://statcounter.com/about/set-refusal-cookie/. This will disable the “StatCounter” service not only on our web site, but also on every web site that uses it. This action will not affect the quality of your use of our website.


If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding privacy or the use of cookies on this web site, please contact: info@eutherm.com